Image: Tumby Bay, Eyre Peninsula by Scott Portelli

Things to do in Tumby Bay

Tumby Bay boasts plenty of attractions to enjoy, most of which are within easy walking distance of Tumby Villas and Motel.

Tumby Bay Beach

Our beach stretches for over 10km with the southern end directly accessible from the town and jetty.

Tumby Bay Jetty

350m long, our jetty is ideal for walkers, swimmers and anyone wanting to have a fish. Depending on the time of year, you can catch squid, King George whiting, YellowFin whiting, Tommy Ruffs, garfish and snook.

Image: Tumby Bay Jetty, Eyre Peninsula by Mark Phelps

Colour Tumby Street Art

Each March we host the Colour Tumby Festival where new artworks are added to our collection of street art. Stroll through the town and you’ll discover the delights of our Colour Tumby artworks.

Tumby Bay Silo Art

The artwork that started it all, our silos are painted with a scene of local kids jumping off the jetty. Enjoy the silo art from the designated viewing gallery.

Foreshore Walk

You can walk along the Tumby Bay foreshore on a paved footpath overlooking the beach for almost 2km, taking you past many of the town’s favourite attractions. The path actually starts 100m from Tumby Villas and Motel, just walk down one street to the beach and off you go.

Mangrove Walk

Tumby is home to one of the most significant and growing mangrove systems on the Eyre Peninsula. This scenic walk follows Second Creek and includes a boardwalk over the creek with a lookout at the end. An ideal place to watch the sunset over the mangroves.

Tumby Bay Lookout

If you’re not scared of heights, head over to this lookout on the south end of Tumby Bay. Climb the ladder to get a great elevated view of the town, bay and Tumby island. There’s a public picnic and barbeque area and car park here too.

Marina and Boat Ramp

This is the perfect place to launch your boat if you want to visit the Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands (known locally as ‘The Groups’) or go fishing locally. Our marina is very sheltered and there is plenty of trailer parking.

National Trust Museum

Our museum has a huge collection of local historical artefacts and pictures. Discover how the original settlers lived and uncover the story of Lipson, the major mining town that never happened – but still helped create the Tumby we have today.

Excell Blacksmith and Engineering Workshop Museum

This local gem of a museum has working machinery of a bygone era, showcasing a number of machines and tools used on this site since 1905. Note: only open on the 4th Sunday of each month, 2-4pm.

Tumby Bay for Kids

If you are looking for things to do in Tumby Bay with children you can’t go past the beach, pontoon and jetty. Smaller kids can splash in the shadows while swimmers can venture out to the pontoon and the jetty platform.

Next to the jetty there’s also a great playground under shade, fully fenced and mainly suitable for children up to 6 years old. There’s easily accessible public toilets and plenty of lawn overlooking the beach for picnics and games.

Bring some snorkelling equipment and head under the jetty to see a world of sea creatures including fish, crabs, squid and if you are really lucky, leafy sea dragons.

Lions Park, next to the jetty, is very family friendly with bbqs and picnic tables, all fenced and overlooking the beach.

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Address: 1 North Trezise Street, Tumby Bay SA 5605